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Effect: this soft homage formula is based upon lactic and fruit acids, nutritional elements and compounds which stimulate cell proliferation. It regenerates, reduces inflammation, calms and moisturises the skin. It has powerful cleansing properties. The peeling particles penetrate deep into the epidermis, nourishing the skin with essential amino-acids. The cell restoration and division are amplified, which exerts a beneficial effect onto collagen synthesis. The milk protein boosts immunity, macrophage cells become more active and fight infection agents in a more effective way. It is beneficial for the skin regeneration qualities in general, therefore wounds and inflammations heal faster. The signal molecules of protein reduce melanin production. This preventing formation of hyperpigmentation areas. The skin is more resilient to adverse influences from the outside.

Ingredients: Lactic acid ferments, Lactic acid, Albumin, Phytic acid, Grapevine stem cells.

Instructions for use: may cause erythema. Apply onto cleansed skin. Leave for 5-7 minutes. Roll as a gommage or rinse off with warm water. When using at home, the product is applied twice a week. It is suitable for treatment room procedures. Must be used together with a sun-block of SPF 15 and above.

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ST cells Lacto Peeling Gommage 30ml


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